Investment, Deposit and Purchasing Information

Located in Pennsboro, WV covering the local driving area but will travel to whatever location you desire if travel expenses and time are covered. Pricing will vary depending on the location you request for your photo session. Standard pricing is listed, but if budget is an issue, contact me to see what we can work out so you can have your memories captured. It costs nothing to ask....

The galleries of paying clients will not be made public and require a password to access until the client requests a public gallery. Client photos will not be shareable on Social Media websites unless the client gives me their permission to allow the photos made open to the public. This is to ensure the clients privacy.
The client may be contacted by me with a request asking permission to display certain photos in a public area to display my work to others. If permission is granted the photo(s) will be placed in a separate gallery for public viewing.

If I am photographing a public event, the photos will be made public at my discretion. If you see a public photo of yourself or a family member you wish to be removed, please follow these steps.

  1. Copy the link to the photo from your address bar
  2. Send a message with the link to the photo in question from the Contact Page
  3. Once I recieve the email request I will remove the photo

Portrait Sessions

  • Up to 1 hour
  • Includes whatever we can shoot in the timeframe.
  • No extra charge for the number of people
  • No extra charges for clothing changes
  • No hidden fees

Portrait Session Fees

  • $50
  • If more time is needed the session fee will be  (Session fee) x (Hours) = (Cost)
  • Travel time is billable at $35 per hour

Weddings and Other Events

  • Contact me with the details of the event for pricing.


  • A deposit will be required to save your session time and date. Deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE, unless it was my fault the session was not kept.
  • If you know in advance you will not be able to keep your session date and time contact me to reschedule your session time to not lose your deposit.
  • Session times and dates can not be changed the "DAY OF" the session except in the case of an emergency. "I forgot the session date or time" is not considered an emergency!
  • If you are late to your session, I will try to work you in but if I can not, a new session date, time and deposit will be required if you still want a photo session
  • Canceling your session after a deposit is paid will also cause you to lose your deposit
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled session you will lose your deposit
  • Deposits will be deducted from the final cost of your session fee


  • I really don't like packages. They never seem to be what you need. Create your own package by ordering the prints you actually want!
  • Group photo sessions will have packages set up to order online, which were agreed upon before the photo session


  • All edited photos will be loaded on this website in a password protected gallery within  14  days after the session for you to choose the photos you wish printed. The client will be sent an email with a link and the password for your gallery after it has been posted. The client may share this information with their friends, if they choose to. I will only send the email to the client and other email addresses which are provide to me by the client. You will be able to order prints online from your gallery through a professional lab and have them shipped to you
  • You can stop by for prints. Prints made by me will require payment before printing and picked up by you, I do not ship them. The plus side of ordering from me is you can "USUALLY" have the prints the same day you want them and not have to wait on them to be shipped to you.  Print sizes are limited to 13x19 and smaller. At this time I only accept credit cards for online orders.
  • The gallery will be stored online for 60 days unless more time is requested by the client